Curative packs

Original malt draff curative packs


Curative effects of malt draff:

1) Physical – following a medical consultation, warmed up malt draff (38 °C – 42 °C) is applied on problematic parts, such as nape, shoulders and hands. Progressive warming causes abatement of chronic arthritis disorders, improves blood return – helps with metabolite transfer and betters functional properties of myoskeletal system.

2) Substances positively influencing skin, nails, hair – with respect to the composition of malt draff, favourable effects of vitamins and proteins contained on skin and cutaneous adnexa are fully evident. They are suitable especially for treatment of constitutional dermatitis, psoriasis, dermatitis (according to the type) or problems with “dry skin”. They are used for cosmetic indication of cellulitis, skin quality changes and as nourishing face-masks.

3) Overall effect connected with transport through skin

Forms of application:

  • warm local packs
  • application on skin with follow-up packs
  • additive baths – version for children