Massages are recommended accompaniments of bath procedures in the Real Beer Spa.

  • classical massages
  • lymphatic massages
  • reflex massages – foot and according to specification
  • climatherapy
  • terrain therapy
  • kinetic therapy
  • relaxation methods



Reflexive Foot Massage

Herbal massage is followed by acupressure massage of the feet. Through this special technique it is possible to influence the function of inner organs and to induce a balance in the area of autonomic nerves.

Indications: conditions of exhaustion and edginess, sleeplessness, depression, headaches, functional disorders of the digestive system, irritating urinary bladder, menopausal syndrome, syndrome of tired feet

Contraindications: pregnancy, purulent and mycotic feet disorders, extensive varicose veins, ticklish feet



Lava stone massages

It is a Chinese method which is very popular and much sought for. It makes a very pleasant change and is probably one of the most attractive ways of massages you can experience.


During the massage, 53 smooth lava stones are used. They are warmed up in water bath at the temperatures around 37 – 40 °C and put on the body. The heat coming from the stones as well as their vibrations work upon meridians, which are energy pathways leading from tips of toes and fingers all around the body and belonging to all inner organs.

These energy pathways are frequently impassable or cramped and that’s why the energy in our body cannot flow properly. This Chinese method releases the energy flow through these channels, cleans them out, and the renewed energy flow provides us with unexpected power and joy.

Physical conditions: Lava stone massage is intended for men and women of all age groups.

Benefits of lava stone massage:

  • calms down the clients who are under constant pressure (businessmen, managers)
  • relieves stress
  • increases memory and improves concentration
  • harmonizes subtle energies of nervous system
  • helps detoxicate organism
  • accelerates metabolism and adjusts holding liquids in the body
  • regulates indigestion and putting on weight
  • weakens climacteric problems
  • strengthens immune system
  • stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • deeply relaxes and harmonizes organism
  • warms up all body
  • balances body energy

Lava stone massage is intended for:

  • people who suffer from sleeping difficulties and concentration problems
  • people who find it difficult to relax
  • women with climacteric problems

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