Beerrarium „STARA SLADOVNA“ is situated in a stone building of the original malt house which has been utilized by the brewery to produce and store malt since 1860. The unique architecture of the object gave an impulse to its delicate reconstruction with the aim to use it for an unusual presentation of the local beer and its history.

By opening the restaurant Stará Sladovna („Old Malt House“), the Family Brewery in Chodová Planá continued the tradition of large beer gardens. Thus the original restaurant offers not only 150 seats surrounded by brewing technology, but also a big terrace with a beautiful brewery garden of the total capacity of about 300 seats and a view of the historical building complex.

„Beerarium“, the joint world of beer technology and gastronomy, welcomes you to get involved in the magic beer universe and allows you to uncover the veils of its secrets. The beer menu of the Stará Sladovna restaurant, which consists of at least ten sorts of beers of interesting taste, has been compiled by the first certified beer sommeliers in the Czech Republic, Jiří and Vojtěch Plevkas.

A large range of beer sorts, artfully combined with a taste of original specialities of the local kitchen, was also appreciated by our president Václav Klaus during his visit to the brewery in January 2008.


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